7 things Locally Owned Murfreesboro is thankful for in 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Locally Owned Murfreesboro!

We are very thankful for all the hard work our members put into making Murfreesboro a better place to live and work. By going the extra mile, you make sure your customers and clients get the best possible service. Your independently owned businesses are what make Murfreesboro the town it is.

We’re thankful for the generous support our local nonprofit agencies receive from all our members. Small businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local nonprofits, events, and teams compared to big businesses, according to AMIBA.

We are thankful for all the members who volunteer their time and talents to LOM. Without you, we wouldn’t be successful.

We are thankful for our local government. The department heads and mayor didn’t have to meet with our members during the year, but they did. They stood tall, answered our questions, and didn’t scare easily.

We are thankful for the local media outlets that offered us a reduced rate to advertise.

We are very thankful for the support of our community. After the Public Square was forced to close for a white supremacist rally in October, the community came out in droves the next weekend to support those businesses. Before the rally, our community banded together to show that all are welcome here. We believe that diversity strengthens our community. And for that we are thankful.

We are thankful because others believe, just like we do, that Murfreesboro Matters.

To become a part of Locally Owned Murfreesboro, join us.

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