Join Locally Owned Murfreesboro

Benefits of joining Locally Owned Murfreesboro

Being an independent business is hard. Not only do you have to worry about the bottom line, but you have to do everything else without the support of a corporation behind you. 

Let Locally Owned Murfreesboro help. We know better than anyone how to help you by sharing marketing costs, navigating the labyrinth of local government, and introducing you to other locally owned businesses.

Membership Criteria:

Any business that meets the following criteria is welcome to Locally Owned Murfreesboro: 

  • Must have its primary place of business within Murfreesboro city limits
  • At least 50% of ownership lies with individuals residing within Rutherford County and
  • A majority of decision-making is made at the local level.

Levels of membership

  • Community Partner – $500/yr
  • Business – $150/yr
  • Nonprofit – $75/yr
  • Individual/Community Supporter – $25/yr

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