Member Spotlight: L&L Contractors

Donald Lester, owner and CEO of L&L Contractors

Donald Lester
Business: L & L Contractors, LLC
Opened since: 2006

What inspired you to open your own business?
While working for other companies, I noticed huge gaps in customer service and I always felt the companies I worked for could do a better job. Our customers make up our community, and treating them fair is very important to me.

What makes Murfreesboro businesses special?
We are located in a very diverse and quickly growing city. This means we must cater to cultural diversity, appeal to vastly different ideologies, and be trend setters for the up and coming consumer base.

Who are your customers?
The entire populous of Middle Tennessee are my customers. Anyone that has construction needs can reach out to us for information, assistance, or give us the whole project to take over. We are here to serve those in need of our specialty.

Describe your business in a few words.
We are a local contractor designed to cater to all of your construction needs. Our focus is on communication, customer service, and quality work.. and we do it all with a smile.

How do you define success in your business?
Our success is defined by the referrals, positive reviews, and the smiles on our customers face. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

What are your current and upcoming goals for your business?
One of our current goals is to continue education for all of our employees. We want to provide our service area with the best product knowledge and future market trends so they can get the best bang for their buck. A constant goal for us is to become a staple in our community. A place our customers know they can trust.

Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?
I would have to say that I am very impressed with The Alley on Main. Shawn and Christy Hackinson are outstanding business owners who truly care about the quality of their service, food, and environment. They also care a lot about community and understand what it takes to create success. That is reflected in all of the extra-curricular time and donations they provide to help just about anyone in need. Great People, Great Owners.

What advice would you give to someone looking to open a business in Murfreesboro?
RUN! No, just kidding.

The best advice I could give would be to work hard. Get around. Get to know your customer base. Meet other owners and discuss your plans. Always have a smile on your face and a plan in your pocket. Most importantly, don’t dwell on anything negative. Have a positive mind, always. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. That is the key to trust, and if you build trust in our community, the business will grow quicker than you could ever imagine.

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