Member Spotlight: Scott Kimberly

Scott Kimberly of Law Office of W. Scott Kimberly
Scott Kimberly, of Law Office of W. Scott Kimberly, gives back to the community because he believes Murfreesboro matters.


Owner: W. Scott Kimberly
Business: Law Office of W. Scott Kimberly
Opened since: 2015

What inspired you to open your own business?
Growing up, my dad ran his own law office out of an old Victorian house in Bellingham, Washington. Some of my best memories were visiting dad at work, watching dad in court, and, selfishly, enjoying the time he was able to spend with us on vacation because he could set his own schedule. I knew that I always wanted to open up my own shop and have that level of freedom, so when I had the opportunity a few years ago, I pulled the trigger.

What makes Murfreesboro businesses special?
I have always viewed the special Murfreesboro businesses as the ones who focus on the community first, and our city has benefitted greatly from so many businesses who have adopted that mindset. One decision I made when I opened up my own office is that I was going to work principally in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. A lot of lawyers around here take work in surrounding counties, which makes sense because Rutherford County has many adjacent counties that have a lot of legal work available. I have limited my primary focus to our community and it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Describe your business in a few words.
We are here to protect people when the unexpected happens and to help people navigate issues surrounding crime, families, and injury, which few have been through before.

Who are your customers?
I practice primarily criminal defense, family law, and personal injury, so my clients are individuals charged with crimes, individuals handling family law matters (e.g. divorce, child support, child custody), and individuals have been injured through no fault of their own.

How do you define success in your business?
Quite simple: my goal is to identify what my clients want and make that happen as quickly as painlessly as possible. I don’t have a personal scorecard for each case. I just want to identify the goals of my client and work towards making that happen.

What are your current and upcoming goals for your business?
I just added my first associate, Hunter Fowler, this year. Lord willing, our business will grow and we will be prepared to expand further in the future.

Besides your own, what is your favorite local business?
The Alley on Main, Cultivate Coworking, and Franklin’s Printing, to name a few.

What advice would you give someone looking to open a business in Murfreesboro?
Give. Give freely and without any expectation of return. Your life will be better for it. I could write volumes on that subject, but I’ll stop there.

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Address: 107 N. Maple St.
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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