Why Support Local?

Independent locally owned businesses create the individual story that becomes our town.

Your local independent business community

By supporting these businesses you are helping to create a unique, one of a kind community that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Support your neighbors, family and friends by using their services, shopping in their stores and sharing them with everyone you know!

Why is it important to support locally owned businesses?

  • Because community matters.
  • Because supporting locally owned businesses creates more jobs and wealth at the grassroots level. This multiplies the impact on the local economy because more profit and more wages stay here.
  • Because three times as much money stays in the local economy than if the same money were spent with a national chain. And local restaurants return twice as much to the local economy as chain restaurants, according to studies from private research firms, like Civic Economics.
  • Because other studies have supported these findings when direct and indirect economic impacts are taken into account.
  • Because local retailers matter.
  • Because local restaurants matter.
  • Because local companies matter.
  • Because local business matters.
  • Because Murfreesboro matters.

All The Choices!

Create memories while exploring unique, one-of-a-kind places that exist only in Murfreesboro.

A Healthier City!

Support the businesses that support YOU! Independently owned businesses give more back to the community by sponsoring youth sports leagues, and other local charity organizations. v

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